Nowt so queer as folks

In the 1955 movie “The Prodigal,” Lana Turner rebuffs the attentions of Ed Purdom because “I am a priestess of Baal.”  She apparently sounded completely convincing with that line.

Really, if you wanted to rebuff someone’s attentions, then that would be a foolproof line.  There really is no coming back from that one, is there?

“Coming down the pub for a drink?”

“I can’t I’m a priestess of Baal.”

But it does get weirder.  Here is a picture of a scene from the movie.  People leapt headlong into the flames from in front of an eleven-foot high statue.

An enthusiast bought the statue, and paid $2,000 to have it transported to his home in Lumberton, New Jersey.  He then got a zoning permit to install it on his front lawn overlooking the freeway.

For a long time everyone regarded it as simply an eyesore, but now someone has twigged as to where it came from, and the soccer-moms and worthy burghers of Lumberton have got up a petition to have it removed.  Whilst other people write to the local papers to say, “Why don’t you lighten up?”

It doesn’t matter which way I look at this story, I can’t help but laugh maniacally.  Nowt so strange as folks.

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